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Get back the old Windows calculator in your desktop with this free program
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If you are one of these people who don't like the bigger, cumbersome calculator that comes with Windows 10 and want to recover the old, faster and smaller version from Windows 7, then you will love this program. It lets you install that older version on your Windows 10 system without needing to uninstall the default calculator.

The program itself comes in a compressed .ZIP file which downloads very fast. You only need to unzip it and install the file to have your Win7 calculator back. Some of the advantages of this older version, besides its smaller size and quicker loading process, are the different worksheets that allow you to calculate your mortgage or vehicle lease payments, as well as to plan your fuel savings both in miles per gallon, and in liters per 100 km.

On the other hand, this version lacks some of the most recent features of its Win10 counterpart. For example, it hasn't a feature to convert currencies. Also, the look of the interface can result too old-fashioned and out of tune with the general look of Win10.

As I've said, you can install this program without needing to uninstall WIn10's default calculator, so you may want to try and compare both versions.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It has a small installation file
  • It loads faster than Windows 10 version
  • It takes less onscreen space


  • It looks very old-fashioned
  • It lacks some of Windows 10 version's capabilities
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